2019 Expo Highlights

Thanks so much to everyone for making the 2019 Expo Amazing!

-Sam, Katy and Gill

Our 2019 Sponsors:

MOMEmpowerment Expo Strongher

Katy and Gill, StrongHer

Learn proper technique with one of our favorite lifts! There’s something empowering about gripping a barbell. Never lifted before – we’ll teach you the basics!

Sam, A Mom Around Town

An online directory that connects busy moms to the services and resources that make life easier!

Amy, Malissa and Lasia, BUTI Yoga

BUTI Yoga is a unique and fun yoga practice. A dynamic vinyasa practice that adds cardio-intensive bursts of tribal and primal movement and conditioning.

MOMEmpowerment Expo Fishel

Brooke Kalisiak, Legacy Physical Therapy

If you struggle with bladder leakage, back pain or pain during sex – you aren’t alone! This is common but NOT normal, learn about Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

MOMEmpowerment Expo Fishel

Danielle Fishel, Fishel Chiropractic

Come learn the importance of chiropractic care for pregnant and postnatal women, babies, children…and dads! How could you benefit from chiropractic?

MOMEmpowerment Expo Thermography

April Abbonozio, Midwest Thermography Solutions

Learn about thermal heat scanning, which illuminates, nurtures, and helps heal. This nurturing technology prevent and detect diseases before traditional methods can!

MOMEmpowerment Exp Sensory

Sensory Solutions

Sensory Solutions provides physical, occupational, speech and feeding therapy to kids of all ages. All of the volunteers are certified therapists.

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